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142. Locked Down; movie review

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Title : 142. Locked Down; movie review
link : 142. Locked Down; movie review

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Cert 15
118 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language, drug references

It had to happen - a movie about being forced to stay inside by the pandemic.
But this hastily written and produced picture actually has a decent plot and its cast includes a quartet of A-listers.
Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway play a couple whose relationship was already fraying before Covid-19 struck.
However, because of lockdown, they are forced to remain together in their home in a well-to-do London street.
The first hour of Doug Liman's Locked Down will strike a chord with many of us, sweeping up many of the key elements of this very difficult time.
For example, Ejiofor's character, Paxton is struggling with his mental health after being put on furlough and being isolated from friends and family while his relationship is coming to an end.
He lacks motivation even to go to the shops and his mood is not improved by a Zoom call to friends (DulĂ© Hill and Jazmyn Simon) where he feels too inhibited to convey his real feelings.
And then he is given a dodgy offer of work which he cannot refuse by his eccentric boss (Ben Kingsley).
Zoom also features heavily in the life of Linda (Hathaway) who calls a cyber meeting to relay bad news to colleagues and then chat to her stereotypical boss (Ben Stiller) in America.
The calls have many of the hallmarks of Zooms including freezing faces and misbehaving children in the background.
Linda, a chief executive of a media company also begins to reassess her future thanks to lockdown's new perspective.
And she comes up with a daring plan which could change everything for her and Paxton.
Thus, during its last half hour, Liman's movie drifts from very real to complete fantasy - this provides it with a much-needed lift out of the spiral we all know so well.
It all feels a bit rushed - which is exactly what it was because Liman was determined to put out the first movie about lockdown.
Consequently, he deserves credit for coming up with such an engaging picture. 

Reasons to watch: Great cast and fine observations
Reasons to avoid: Not as funny as it tries to be

Laughs: Two
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? T
he only reliable recent data available on suicides in England - from the University of Manchester - has found that rates have not risen during lockdown. Stay-at-home orders and the economic impact of the pandemic have undoubtedly taken a toll on people's mental health. However, shared social media posts saying suicides have gone up by 200% during the pandemic are false.

The final word. Doug Liman: "We wanted to be done before it got cold and the pandemic got worse. And we also wanted the film to be done by the end of the year, so that it really was about 2020. We lived six months of 2020, then we wrote about it, made a movie about it, and finished it. And so it just felt like it should be tied to 2020 and done by the end of the year." GQ

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