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145. Amber and Me; movie review

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Title : 145. Amber and Me; movie review
link : 145. Amber and Me; movie review

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Cert U
59 mins
BBFC advice: Contains mild emotional upset

What must it be like to have a child with complex needs?
It is a thought which often crosses our minds and came particularly to the fore when a scan of our second baby suggested she may have Down's syndrome.
There was quite a lot of talk from others about whether Mrs W should continue with the pregnancy but we were in no doubt - we would love our child come what may.
As it turned out, despite a fairly traumatic birth, our daughter has had no health complications during her first 28 years.
But we never take health and happiness for granted and that must be doubly the case for the Davies family whose daughter, Amber, has Down's syndrome, whereas her twin, Olivia, does not.
Their father Ian recorded them for four years from their first day at school which is initially positive but becomes more and more of a struggle for Amber who asks to stay at home.
Our hearts went out to her and her parents who witnessed their beloved daughter standing alone in the playground during breaktimes.
While Amber is the focus of the movie we felt that the star was Olivia - her care for her sister is unstinting and wonderful.
She shows incredible maturity in understanding what Amber is going through and why she reacts the way she does.
Meanwhile, it is to her parents' great credit that Amber develops far more quickly than I would have imagined a child with Down's syndrome.
Indeed, she is highly engaging - a bright loving girl who doesn't appear to allow life's frustrations to get her down.
However, we were left wondering whether Amber and Me is too glossy. All children, cry, throw temper tantrums and fall out with each other but we are not privy to these moments in the Davies house.
Also, there is no explanation around family decisions to resolve a number of obstacles, particularly at school.
And I guess that is why, while we found Amber and Me uplifting and inspirational, we felt that there were many gaps and it is too much like a home movie which, essentially, is what it is,

Reasons to watch: An insight into the life of an autistic child
Reasons to avoid: It scratches the surface of the subject

Laughs: One
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? 
Around one in every 1,000 babies born in the UK will have Down's syndrome. There are approximately 40,000 people in the UK with the condition. Although the chance of a baby having Down's syndrome is higher for older mothers, more babies with Down's syndrome are born to younger women.

The final word. Ian Davies: "I hope it encourages more schools to be more inclusive. I thought it would be useful to have another example of a child with Down’s syndrome doing well, to show prospective parents that having a child with DS is not the disaster that some medical professionals might lead new parents to believe." Making Chromosomes Count


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