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147. Tersanjung the Movie; movie review

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Title : 147. Tersanjung the Movie; movie review
link : 147. Tersanjung the Movie; movie review

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Cert 15
115 mins
BBFC advice: Contains suicide. sexual threat

I feared I was hardly going to get much out of an Indonesian TV soap, rekindled as a film.
But, surprisingly I was reasonably engaged by the romance and intrigue of Pandu Adjisurya, Hanung Bramantyo and Nur Jihat Hisyam's Tersanjung The Movie.
There are many of the hallmarks of Asian pictures here - snooty rich parents, an unsuitable arranged marriage, an overly ambitious step-mother and a central figure who is under pressure from all sides.
Clare Bernadeth plays the girl in question - a loyal daughter who is lined up for a wedding to a man she has never previously met.
He is from a wealthy family and the nuptials have been arranged by his manipulative mother (Djenar Maesa Ayu) as part compensation for a huge debt.
This emerges when the wedding plans collapse and Yura's family are faced with a bill they cannot possibly pay.
The whole saga prompts Yura to run away and live on a commune with close friends including Christian (Giorgino Abraham) and Oka (Kevin Ardilova).
They look out for her and help her, despite intense pestering from home, carve out a gentle new life.
Meanwhile, there is always an undercurrent of romance being possible - but with which young man?
Thankfully, I needed no background knowledge of the TV soap opera to be able to understand what was going on - it is all fairly basic stuff of young people trying to battle against the adversity of privilege or poverty.
And there is quite a lot of misery with poor Yura usually in the middle of it.
But Bernadeth is engaging as the central character and you just know that there will be the right result in the end .... or will there?

Reasons to watch: Legendary Indonesian soap made into a movie
Reasons to avoid: It is quite maudlin

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? 
Tersanjung was a soap opera which aired on Indosiar from April 10, 1998 to June 3, 2005 with seven seasons. The main actors included Lulu Tobing, Ari Wibowo, Jihan Fahira, Cut Tari, Febby Febiola, Mega Utami, Reynold Surbakti, and many more. In the last season, its title changed to Adilkah.

The final word. Clara Bernadeth: "I'm focusing on the big screen for now compared but if there is (another) offer and I think it's suitable, it's okay to try it too. The reason for choosing films is because there are more challenges and can explore acting. The television series or soap operas are shot every day, so don't allow for anything else." Fimela

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