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156. Silk Road; movie review

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Title : 156. Silk Road; movie review
link : 156. Silk Road; movie review

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Cert 15
112 mins
BBFC advice: Contains drug misuse, very strong language

Is it a civil liberty to be able to take drink and drugs or should the state do its damnedest to prevent addiction?
You will note that I added drinks to the question because if I had left the word drugs on its own you would have thought the answer was a no-brainer.
Ross Ulbricht saw it differently and, in many eyes perversely, believing that he was doing a public service by facilitating a dark web trade in hard drugs.
However, the libertarian could not see the deadly danger he was potentially causing to others as well as himself.
During Tiller Russell's adaptation of his true story, Ulbricht (Nick Robinson) is a young an idealistic entrepreneur who creates an Ebay-style website for drugs and in doing so sets himself up against a dinosaur detective (Jason Clarke).
Clarke's Rick Bowden prides himself on being old school, constantly at odds with the head of his department at the Drug Enforcement Agency.
He has become as unreliable at home to his wife (Katie Aselton) and daughter (Lexi Rabe) as he is at work where he goes for old-fashioned techniques of intimidation and informants.
Thus, there are the parallel background stories of Bowden's attempt at rehabilitating himself while Ulbricht is seeing his life spin out of control, despite sage advice from his girlfriend (Alexandra Shipp) and best pal (Daniel David Stewart).
Robinson impressively portrays him as having keen principles which become warped with success. 
He expertly reflects the changes in personality which come with the pressure that both big money and potential criminal investigation can bring.
But there is no doubt that Clarke is the stand-out star of Silk Road as the wizened cop who is desperate to do right on a couple of levels but keeps messing up because he cannot stop himself from returning to old habits.
We are willing him to shatter Ulbricht's illusions but nothing goes smoothly and there are some very surprising twists.
Silk Road takes a while to get into its stride but once it does, it grips.

Reasons to watch: Gripping true story
Reasons to avoid: Takes a while to get into its stride

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? 
Operation Onymous was formed as a joint law enforcement operation between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the European Union Intelligence Agency Europol and was part of the international strategies which address the problems of malware, botnet schemes, and illicit markets or darknets.

The final word. Tiller Russell: "My job as a writer and as a storyteller is not to pass judgment one way or another. My job is to enter into and understand the characters from within and it’s the inherent conflict within each of them that makes them so fascinating to me. "

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