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122. Twist; movie review

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Title : 122. Twist; movie review
link : 122. Twist; movie review

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Cert 12
90 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language, moderate violence, sex references, threat

If you are going to produce another remake of Oliver Twist, at least make it good.
Fans of either the David Lean version or the wonderful musical by Lionel Bart will be scratching their heads over this update.
Not even the contributions of Michael Caine and Game Of Thrones' Lena Headey can save it nor can the cameos of David Walliams, Noel Clarke and Leigh 'Keith Lemon' Francis.
Martin Owen's film has the concept of replacing Dickensian London with the modern-day and exchanging the traditional picking pockets with daubing graffiti.
Jude Law's lookalike son Rafferty plays the 2021 version of Oliver - an orphan who lives on the streets and creates eye-catching but illegal public art.
He meets Dodge (Rita Ora) and Batesy (Franz Drameh) after being on the run from police for spraying the side of a traffic warden's van.
Yes, Dodge/Artful Dodger is now a girl but so is the ruthless Sikes (Headey) who is in a violent gay relationship with Nancy/Red (Sophie Simnett).
Every politically correct box has been ticked with this Oliver.
Anyway, Dodge and Batesy act as runners for art thief Fagin (Caine) and believe that Twist would be a useful addition to the team.
Sikes has misgivings and they are borne out when Oliver makes the mistake of falling for her girl, Nancy.
Regardless, he is in the squad for a job which targets an art dealer played by Walliams.
I am afraid the whole thing feels a bit C-Beebies, especially when Clarke and Jason Maza enter the fray as supposedly comic cops.
Is it meant to be funny and aimed at children? If so, it would have been handy to have watched it with one to see if they laughed. We certainly didn't.
Indeed, we couldn't understand why anyone who read this script thought it would work.
As Mrs W mused as we watched Raff Law: "How do you tell your children that their first big break is just a pile of rubbish?"
That's one for Jude and Sadie.

Reasons to watch: Decent-looking cast
Reasons to avoid: Unfunny and stilted script

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 3.5/10

Did you know? 
Michael Caine, who is 88, has been in every single one of Christopher Nolan's movies since Batman Begins over 15 years old. They include Inception and last year's Tenet.

The final word. Rafferty Law: "This a really fun, action-packed family film that will hopefully bring a bit of cheer to everyone at home right now”. GQ

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